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We are your end-to-end mobile marketing
and communication software solution

The Experience & Expertise Your Organization Demands

Our team of technology and business professionals have the experience & expertise required to support your team and your organizational goals. Whether you are a startup making its move or an established organization building its legacy, a partnership with FlexMessage ensures you are in capable hands to reach and exceed your goals:

  • Our Experience: our development experts have been building leading-edge technology solutions for complex clients for nearly 20 years. We also bring 25 years of business experience - through sales, marketing & business strategy for two Fortune 50 companies; and through building a diversified software technology organization from the ground up into a multi-million dollar operation serving clients across the U.S. Our experience ensures your success.
  • Our Expertise: through combination of the FlexMessage team's business savvy, technological expertise and understanding of marketing principles required for measureable success, our team is well positioned to take your organization to the next level through our tested approach of connecting organizations with their audience in meaningful ways.
  • Technologically Advanced, User Friendly: Through our extensive range of technical expertise, FlexMessage has built a comprehensive and complex array of functionality to drive your business goals forward, yet built a platform so user-friendly even a novice can use effectively. 
  FlexMessage Technology Solutions

About Us

Software Technology for a Modern World

We at FlexMessage understand how organizations will succeed from communicating with their audience living in a mobile world, and what is required of a software solution to bring this effective approach into our clients' hands. Through advanced technology to support major business objectives, complex yet intuitive functionality to drive & accomplish dynamic mobile communication, system ease-of-use across your organization, and, importantly, a platform built inside a safe & secure environment where protecting data is paramount, the FlexMessage solution connects your business to the mobile age.
  • Advanced Technology: Not only is our platform the most secure and robust solution for mobile messaging, but the most flexible as well. We offer not only a fully customizable suite of services from within the application platform, but an API as well. The API is available in both XML and JSON response to allow integration into any third party system.
  • Complex Functionality, Intuitively Built: We built our platform with the end-user in mind. Although we indeed use an array of complex code, algorithms, formulas and intelligence "behind the curtain" to drive system capabilities and effectiveness, our user interface is designed & built as a seamless experience using intuitive design and functionality.
  • Ease of Use: Our platform is designed to be used by anyone within your organization. Not everyone in your organization specializes in tech, but every one should be able to promote your message effectively. The FlexMessage solution enables your team to do just that.
  • Security: Our platform secures data using 256 bit AES encryption. Our servers are protected by both internal / external firewalls. We allow only secure HTTPS connections to our platform and direct server access is only available through VPN. We use real time data back up and sonar monitoring to ensure our customers' data is not only secure but safe as well.

Providing Quality You Deserve From the Values We Demand

Client Needs Quality & Precision Generating Results Service Oriented

Client Needs Front and Center

Our capabilities were built from the ground up around our clients' goals, and we are flexible by adapting our technology to best identify & engage with your audience. Through each interaction, our team learns about your priorities, goals and desired results to incorporate solutions that will drive your success.